Panplast Sulama Tarım Tic. A.ş.

is an institution which is subject to ANADOLU BİRLİK HOLDİNG established by KONYA ŞEKER SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş which is among the first 50 industrial giants in Turkey and the biggest and the most successful Cooperative KONYA PANCAR EKİCİLERİ KOOPERATİFİ towhich 56.327 farmers are shareholders.

The water is the indispensible element of the sustainable agriculture. For our country which can’t be assumed to be rich in water sources, the usage of water economically has a vital importance. Through this consciousness in order to provide the economical usage of water, Panplast Facilities which has been founded in the year 2006 in Cihanbeyli by Konya Şeker which is assuming the encouragement of irrigation through drip irrigation method and the getting of drip irrigation method widespread as aresponsibility to the future of the country’s agriculture, today carries on business in an area of 120.000 m2 total.

The facility which has the latest technology, has become the pioneer and leader institution in the sector by means of expertising in DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS through new investments following the first investment. The facility which is capable of carrying out all sorts of sprinkler Irrigation, flat and round drip irrigation systems, is also the first to realize the flat drip irrigation pipes. Preventing the pipe importation with its flat drip irrigation pipe production, the facility, on one hand prevents the foreign currency loss of the country deriving from importation, on the other hand minimized the irrigation equipments costs by providing the drip irrigation systems to be decreased in half in comparison to imported products, encouraged the drip irrigation system to get widespread.

Having become expertized on the subject of plastical products, the facility, following its 3 new investments of PVC, and Corrugated Pipe Production Facilities and Bag Factory which are accomplished in the year of 2012, has started to produce PVC Pipe,Drivepipe and Side Posts and Corrugated Pipe production alongside with PP Bag, Filet Bag and Bale Rope as well.