Merta Maden Makinaları Sanayi Ltd.şti.




About Us





Our company started to show activity in machinery production industry in 2007 in addition to consultancy, Project and feasibility works service to the companies in mineral industry. Thus, it was targeted to develop efficiency of the machines as well as projects



It is important to select breaking-screening-enrichment technologies and processes applied in the production of various minerals. Effects of enrichment machines selected for this purpose on the production is as important as that too. Absence of companies performing R&D works on the efficiency of ore enrichment machines in either workshop or production field has become one of the most important motivations for our activities in this industry



Our company which produces and assembles important machines in a little while by its new and developed production fills an important gap in the industry by its quality and innovative products


Our company as a corporation which attaches priority to customer satisfaction and requirements continues to contribute mineral industry in general and “Ore Enrichment Machines” industry dedicatedly.