Eryiğit Endüstriyel Mak. Ve Tıbbi Cih. İml. İth. İhr. İnş. Tic. A.ş.

Our company who is a leading medical equipment manufacturer company, has been offering services in medical sector since 1991.
Our company has had ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management certifications since 2001.  Our company has completed its preparations for the environmental awareness programme and readiness for the regulations in 2010 and established environmental management system and got it certified.
Our company has CE1984 certificates in Medical Equipment directive and CE1783 certification in Pressurised Equipment directive.
Together with this, following the studies it carried out in 2010, our steam sterilisers have been crowned with Type Test certificate.  We have obtained the type test certificates following the tests performed by the German accredited company HYGCEN.   Again, HYGCEN company has performed validation tests on our sterilisers as per TS EN 17665-1  and they have successfully passed the tests. 
Eryiğit Medical Equipment Inc. Co. performs its production activities in a giant 10.000 m2 area in Ostim İvedik Organised Industrial Area.
Our company, adhering to the “quality management” principles and rules from the product design stage to the after sales technical service, produces;
• Central Sterilising Units and Steamed Sterilisers
• Laboratory type vertical autoclave,
• Desktop autoclave
• Washing and disinfection equipment,
• Packaging systems,
• Operation tables and traction sets,
• Operation Ceiling Lamps
• Gynaecological and Urological Birth and Examining tables
• Hospital Sterilisation Stainless Steel Equipment
• ENN chairs (Proctology Tables)