Ekmay Makina Mühendislik & Yedek Parça İmalatı



In 1993 in Sakarya established Ekmay Machine, still in the workplace with a covered area of 500 square feet; lathes, milling, drilling and well as CNC lathe, CNC machining center and CNC tapping center with stalls of various machinery spare parts manufacturing, custom manufacturing and requests for machinery manufacturing industry with serve. Productions flexible, customer demands high amount of orders in response to at the same time as it gives a small amount meets the special orders. Gear wheels and spare parts manufacturing is done in the outsourced jobs.       Our goal is to


  • Located on the basis of total quality understanding,
  • Customer satisfaction on the basis,
  • Based on production time,
  • Is to perform quality productions





The present system, device production process or the object to include design features and / or functional properties to assaying reverse engineering  (reverse engineering, RE) is called. Reverse engineering process or a jet engine on a software element may be applied on the axial compressor, a fighter aircraft with more comprehensive solutions can be applied to the whole. Even if you considered taking into consideration the different disciplines working principle of the human brain reverse engineering is an example of the resolution process.





Air, Land and Sea of ​​various tools and equipment used for civil and defense of the mechanical parts, medical equipment parts and some mechanical parts, various industries and industrial machinery, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems needs parts are manufactured.

Project or sample-based applications using a large machine park in the country with our precision machining techniques are manufactured in accordance with the needs of our esteemed customers.

Agriculture, printing, textile, electrical and electronics, automotive, power, toys and so on. manufacturing is done in such sectors as part of the sample.






In accordance with your request, with technical drawings or samples from you for every sector specific spare parts manufacturing and CNC machining services we offer.





Metalworking Machinery advanced from Ekmay you have been making your work carefully.