Delta Grup Delici Ekipmanlar İşti.

About Us

Domestic and overseas mining, quarrying, tunnel and hydraulic drilling machine to be used in all construction activities that require excavation, spare parts and services that Delta Group, is one of the leading companies in the industry with 20 years of experience and expert staff. 21st Century globalized high-quality services that provide economic conjuncture and synergy with the drilling machine spare parts industry represented in the international standard and by being among the leading companies of Turkey is to become a world brand. Aims to provide quality service in all areas of the Delta Group has invested; dynamic and experienced staff with the needs of industry experience appears by lee on hydraulic systems, serves combining its expertise with solid financial resources.

Rock and Tunnel-boring machines needed by the sector with a constantly expanding range of products to meet the need for spare parts and customers' needs the best way to analyze the Delta Group reliable, we offer to our customers by producing high-performance solutions and low cost. Delta has a variety of products on the approximately 10,000 in the Group product range is constantly renewed and carry out the manufacture of new products technical team has the knowledge and equipment. Delta Group; Atlas, Sandvik, Furukawa and IngersollRand, Tamrock, Mine Master brand manufactures hydraulic drilling machines are located in numerous applications that needed improving equivalent spare parts and services and projects. In addition, Delta Group is required for other construction machinery spare parts in the sample or technical drawing of the project also has the capacity to produce the same if the picture provided. Instead of providing our customers with a very high price for the quality of original spare parts by ordering from us, and they remain very satisfied with the usage.

Design, ensure customer satisfaction by providing the best services with time management for fast production and assembly are among the main targets. The supply of import-export operations and products are provided according to the needs.



As Delta Grup, our vision is to be a global company that defines the conditions of competition and lead with our high quality products and honesty.



Delta Group adopts the very idea of being a solution partner for customers by meeting their needs by the on-time answers through the union of the up-to-date technology and the unique service concept.