Akl Çelik Metal

About us;
Development of the principle to contribute on a global scale AKL Steel Metal is a well-established company working in the field of metal processing. Our company has superior technology, trained staff team, continues to institutionalized management structure and activities with modern facilities. has shown steady growth since its inception, it is the result of emphasis on customer satisfaction and a successful teamwork. Undertaken by completing projects on time and always prescribed quality level, the current status of our company has reached a well-deserved reputation of being protected by the success of the new generation experienced management team. AKL serving as a reliable and experienced partner solutions to customers working in the steel industry in the future while maintaining the existing line of metal as it is this day aims to be the best.
Parallel to the developments in the world, with a professional approach maximum customer satisfaction is our most important goal is to make permanent. In this context; history of our experience, developing technology and we will meet the highest levels of customer needs and expectations by combining our knowledge, our employees raise awareness, trained and we can provide a suitable working environment, all processes affecting product quality and company profitability continuously We are committed to our improvement of our company and the country. Our goal is customer satisfaction.
Our vision;
AKL Steel Metal brand sought after in the area, and trusted to protect a company as ensure our place in the best possible way and to settle the forefront in all the searched location to bring opponents in Turkey, that everything we do, from everyone, which is one step ahead in every sense, the process are missing, so that no wrong functioning perfectly, the bar raised continually proud of the success and better want AKL Steel Metal 'i strive to do the best, long-term thinking, accurate, credible, hard-working, successful, transparent, ambitious leadership qualities of high personal responsibility, the attention to teamwork, participatory, innovative, self-renewing, the quest for productivity, our goal is to perpetuate employees demonstrate social responsibility.
Our mission;
quality work in our industry, the minimum error, specialized crew, safe and up to date with respect principles of ongoing work in our lives, adhering to the same principles "before customer satisfaction" working with the principle, to be a company dynamic and leader, is our mission.
Our quality policy;
-Due to customers responding to expectations, to produce products in accordance with the standards, referred to and ensure customer satisfaction,
  -Machine In the spirit, organization and process quality at all levels,
  reliable source use in -Girdi,
  Ulti- mately field of production, timely product delivery,
  -The Advertisers efficient continuous training and evaluation of human resources,
  -Environmental Friendly approach and occupational health - to ensure the safety conditions,
  By adhering to -Legal requirements, to meet customer needs at the highest level,
  -Quality management system to comply with the terms of effectiveness and to constantly improve,
  -Customer Satisfaction, knowing that passed the internal customer satisfaction to our employees, our suppliers
look through the eyes of our customers and our business partners. World brand in the industry to be ...