The Importance Of Exports

The Importance Of Exports

G,&result,&as a result, m&as a result, z-Health History, age, geographical conditions, as well as the economic situation, each &country Real Madrid &Real Madrid meets the needs of the country s no. How much technology has been applied and has been successful in import substitution in the 1960's Li years, although this is much in the present conditions of M&as a result, mk&n that lie is not.

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in order to export so much of the moisture or y&result or not in order to have high T &as a result, r&lie Ministry of economy there are serious incentives and kosgeb technology and no arrow. Both &Real Madrid from the country of D&order or visa and Ministry of economy and support from kosgeb technology g&z stage stage;n&When we bear what a lie export do &the benefit to the economy of the country and the companies that would provide Real Madrid no arrow &st level at Real Madrid. But T&as a result, in Turkey, most b&government;y&result, K one of the problems in M&as a result, steri discovery communications, ge&more because it is me, e-commerce, the stage of the system;nc&Real Madrid l&K who lie Bysharing be readily available to overseas firms, IMT contact me, no Dâni. We all know &zere Real Madrid G&As a result, n&as a result, m&as a result, the internet and computer on the internal network environment built-in MIC the thing z in order to D Or Not K&as a result, l&p that lie, &lkec this system adapt to Real Madrid, the future internal internal arrow in b&lie&lie k &a stage to supply moisture.

Export benefits

-the internal crisis in the company's dorm for a possible b&lie&lie k &eliminates the risk of back apta exposure.

-&lie to that policy d&GDP stage by viz'', or contributes to, and &Real Madrid plays an influential role in the development of the country.

-Ministry of economy benefited from the supports and minimizes expenses.

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-share your Sunday b&government;y&result;breast and allows your name to be heard in the International field.