Marketing mix (4 PS) what is it?

Marketing mix (4 PS) what is it?

What is the Marketing Mix (4 PS)?

There are thousands of laborers who are doing their job right in our industries, producing products at European standards, are at the highest level of labor, but large workshops, lots of high quality and high quality products produced, unfortunately, cannot bring the earned income when we are missing the marketing part. Marketing is the first person who comes to mind generally when trying to sell products with bags in hand, but this does not reflect the truth. We have produced high quality but meets the needs of the customer, the customer can send it at low cost, the price of the product according to the market, such as the question of each business should ask itself.

The name Dağıtım 4P), which was organized by Philip Kotler, which is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to marketing in the world, was taken from the English words Product Product Ürün, ın Price P, “Distribution Dün and Dün Promotion ip.

Product is, of course, the product that makes the industry. It is the service that is uncovered by some processes of raw materials. It is the main duty of the product which closely affects the price and distribution channels.

In the Price section, we produced our product and gave us a certain cost and we set our price together with the profit share. Well, if the pricing section were so easy and clear, would marketers be needed? One of the most important part in determining the price is the value of the product, the other is how much the customer needs and can pay for the product. The most sensitive point in pricing is to determine the point that the seller desires to sell and the point where the buyer is willing to pay.

We have determined the price of our product and we have determined that the market needs this product. 3. ı P gönderme means sending the product to the right place in the correct time frame. Even though creativity is not in the forefront in the distribution part as a necessity, it can be the factor that makes the product sales successful or fails in the same way. No matter how good the product you produce, it doesn't matter if you can't show this product to the needy.

Promotion, We produced our product, determined the price and delivered to the needy. So far, everything seems to be perfect, but one of the important effects is that the person who needs it can stay connected to this product and be loyal to this product constantly? Accurate positioning of our product and scraping people's minds play a very important role.

These factors should be revised and we should have a good place in this competitive environment when we sell and produce in today's trade, where the new products continue to grow and have a high level of competitive environment.