In today's business world, there is the global mergers, rapid variability Tracker increased the demand on them, hard technologies and industrial border uncertainty began, a period shorter product life period. Businesses; globalization, competition, advancing technology of circulation, to continue their existence on behalf of interested in the changes shouldn't be closing your eyes and must adapt to this dynamic. This innovative criteria against which it's impossible for businesses to survive is no longer returned from his back. This variable criteria is one of the most important in the globalization. In terms of Globalization, businesses and brought many opportunities. This opportunity and evaluate and manage problems in the best way play an important role in the success of enterprises. In a world where global companies to shut down national borders is very difficult to continue with their lives. That's why I participate in global activities, businesses are required to address in a serious way.

In particular, cross-border trade via the internet, trade agreements, the ease of international travel and many other reasons, it's just working within national borders, national produces goods and services to customers companies are generally small scale and institutionalization of businesses. Participation in global activities of businesses, it is possible in several ways. Companies that evaluate different alternatives should decide carefully. Today, it is opened to the environment and to address the most important global commercial method of the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) when we address the issue of how this system is effective and global commercial environment, we must realize that the end is inevitable, too.

Electronic business electronic commerce or any subcategory; It is the nature of the global and world economies with each other and accelerate the integration process. Because a store on the internet (web site) regardless of size, all field of activity is the Earth. Thanks to E-Commerce companies, with a limited budget in the past is becoming unusual levels on a global scale can work. Creative entrepreneurs and new business opportunities for SME’s.

In our country, just as with the Internet, electronic commerce has experienced rapid development in the area. They will surprise everyone and existing development has progressed at speed. In this process, from the past to the present Informatics leading in important projects carried out in the field of Analitik Medya Yazılım company project of, advancing technology has an important role in global commerce with sector. Observed a steady increase in the number of members in the e-Commerce Portal, corporate companies and small business providing significantly benefit the development of the global commercial environment in our country is established about broad product pool, companies and products in the world market place import. Turkey is unique when it comes to international e-commerce platform is located.

As a result; borders has been abused, the company and the State is in the tight relations, technology, globalization, and the dizzying speed changes of the competition we are an intense process. In this process the subject of importance to businesses the most effective sense of themselves will decide how the global commercial environment is launched. We live in a technology age considering the requirements of de, electronic commerce, we see a unique opportunity of the network will be inevitable.