Export In Our Country

Export In Our Country

In today's world, b2b is the history and economic situation, we have the request from other countries in every country. No matter how much shared import substitution was applied in the 1960s, it is unlikely to be on the current conditions.

When this is the case, developing countries, our country, use the world market and create the right to speak for themselves. Bysharing In our ministry of the most developed and powerful countries in the world, we show that if the export levels are very high and the Chinese economy is now taking a look, we have the strongest economy in the world with the recent export boom.

KOSGEB has a high export priority, very serious sales and assistance. It takes the transformation from the country as well as the support of the Ministry of Economy and KOSGEB, and the benefit of exporting to the country's economy and firms is very high. However, one of the biggest problems of marketing is that customers can communicate, find e-commerce that makes Bysharing, and enable the company to communicate abroad. As we all know, in today's age, most of us are very important for the future, there is internet and computer environment and our country is keeping up with this system.

Benefits of Export;

- In internal crisis, the company eliminates the risk of being affected.

- It plays an effective role in contributing to and contributing to GNP by introducing a foreign currency to the country.

Minimizes the expenditures made by the Ministry of Economy.

-Recovery offers.

- We increase your market share and announce your name in the international arena.