Did You Know This?

Did You Know This?


did you know this?

* The data acquired in 2014, g&a stage;re Health History nya &Real Madrid on approximately 90 million people overseas e-commerce sites use and by 2018 this figure is expected to be 180 million people when it comes did you know that?

* G&As a result, n&as a result, m&as a result, the so-called Health History nya e-commerce volume of $ 2 trillion and $ 200 billion in order to the limit or Saturday shopping came from 2018, when we come to this figure is $ 300 billion that will be did you know?

* International e-commerce sites, respectively, of those who spend the most money; USA, UK, France, Germany, the Middle East and North Africa, did you know that?

* The findings of the research with “T&as a result, consumer habits, atias 23 thousand people who participated in his research, y&result;70 times in the last 12 months from at least 1 of her alleged internal access, e-Commerce shopping sites, 50% of the transition to the other side &from countries that lie on &Real Madrid r&buy items that lie, 10% of the technology did you know that only shopping from abroad?

* the arrow so no e-commerce system is preferred, while the most valuable research preferred the arrow &the countries that lie, respectively, and the US (25 per cent), Internal (19 percent), Great Britain (14 percent), Germany (11%) and Japan (5%) did you know that?

* the most valuable research spending money on the arrow &go to the countries that lie we; US ($27 billion), the UK ($19 billion), France ($10 billion), Germany ($10 billion), the Middle East and North Africa (total $ 15 billion) was spent did you know that?

* T&as a result, Turkey this d&stage;ng&Real Madrid's role in the&government; “the most valuable arrow in order to limit the research done shopping or Saturday &government;country& " the first 10 in the list,&the order was filed in and share &lie down on the countries; the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates did you know that?

* in mobile shopping in the U.S., users y&result, so-called, 36 in which you have invested in the UK, however, y&result is so-called 33;&government;n&n mobile Real Madrid &Real Madrid did you know that shopping on prefer?