Bysharing Summary

Bysharing Summary

Project about

     Bysharing, which means the production of Turkey's bysahr firms and to enter the world market and with b2b (Business Companies) import and export enables b2b e-commerce portal. offers which advantages?, thanks to Continuous RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT because of their high Alexa, Pagerank, your company makes it easier to be present on the Internet and your profile information in the sector ranking according to competitors would be higher. This is according to your company in the same industry you are located will provide a huge advantage in terms of. Bysharing for more information about consulting services here you can find information About.

History of Bysharing in About

      Bysharing, in the year 2012, the Ankara-based industry, manufacturing and the ICT sector was founded by four friends came from. source code and including frame as our software engineering was developed from scratch in our "national and local" is a B2B E-commerce software project. The company's founders and their industrial export value-added products produced in foreign countries are set out with a vision about. Bysharing, small business, manufacturers, value-added products in order to create a greater share in the global market to produce online demand form whereby SMBs with pools, exporters, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, international field sales and communication channel.

Bysharing plugs into your head about you can contact us for any question.