With the development of information communication technologies are almost all consumer product review and purchase over the internet. Even the other side of the world products "one click". Therefore, one does not want to deal with it by going up to the store. So interested in e-commerce to do business when you have a choice. Bysharing e-commerce firms in us as we provide support to the opening. Turkey to be involved in electronic commerce of Bysharing Ministry of economy with the support of businesses, we provide support to e-commerce.

So, what makes e-commerce to businesses?

Many more low cost national and international advertising, introducing yourself and your products by making. Turkish Ministry of economy support without paying any money, you can start through the e-commerce Bysharing. 7/24 provides an open e-store allows you to reach more customers. Domestic and abroad as well as reaching a lot of people are indispensable trade smoothly. The resulting daily, weekly, monthly and annual data can be controlled products and workflow. Online payment system allows you to achieve both the reliability decreases your process as well as increasing the financing.

They go in a physical store, e-trade is minimised. The establishment of the Ministry of economy to support e-commerce platform free of Bysharing you can establish through. E-trade through computer programs that came with your inventory tracking can be done more effectively, and in this way falls in inventory costs. In short, Bysharing and e-commerce;

Creates a new sales

 Channel is a good advertising tool,

 Eliminates costs Limits will

 Minimize the potential for new customers,

 Provides Continuous import export process

 Makes it easy to Save Time