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who can apply?

a doctoral degree &government;University g&cancer , researchers, post-doctoral fellows , graduate scholars , researchers from public or private organizations abroad in order the technique of internal compression or those with at least a bachelor degree.


Project B&government;no t e :

built in 2016, the initial internal R & D projects support &limit St Real Madrid (project incentive bonus (PTI) the stock of the institution Hari and internal) annual B&as a result, t&e without the restrictions of total internal 60.000 TL technology. Dorm internal I/ International scientific meetings/no familiarization visit, but no Li internal trips in 10.000 up until the propagation of the project expenses (project to relevant stakeholders and potential research outcomes get used valuable internal) internal TL 5,000&drives are backed up. Under this program, in order to conditionally made to say PTI or not.


the supported project subjects :

supported by ARDEB projects.


expenses to be supported :

The instrument, machine, te internal equipment, software and broadcast acquisition-related expenses , purchase expenses of materials and supplies, consulting and services , maintenance and repair expenses of the devices that are used within the scope of the project. Dorm internal and overseas travel expenses , mailing and shipping expenses , personnel expenses , Scholarship costs , Project incentive bonus , corporate stock , valuable research outcomes to be shared with relevant stakeholders and potential beneficiaries of the project y or not in order for the meeting, internal workshops, etc. Operating expenses Other expenses that are directly or indirectly related to the project.


deadline :

Q&as a result, a necessary internal hr.