But: &women in our country as technology and innovation-oriented SME and the establishment of these new funds that will provide capital technology funds for outcall in order to fund Y and y will work or not as a result of treatment were encouraged, and is aimed to contribute to the creation of the venture capital ecosystem.


who can apply ? this :

Venture Capital Fund has established, become effective or to establish&Fund who stage Real Madrid t Y;results ; and treatment outcome and candidate y Fund.


The Project, S&lie items :

to be supported the support of funds s&lie the items that the Fund s&zlesme treatment as a result of r&government;rl&GE Real Madrid from date of up to twelve (12) years. Fund s&as a result, the first resin (5) years for investment&d stage is the moisture remaining in the S&result;re also no problem d&the stage is moisture. However , the Fund s&Rhine, from the internal collapse completely in the case of investments in Real Madrid, with the decision of the Committee to support s&a maximum of items that lie &Real Madrid&more (3) times a year, s&as a result, the resin can be extended.


support :

limitations on Fund investments in venture companies Supported is specified in no pain.


support :

co-financing contribution less what y&result;alleged seventy-nine (79 per cent) and the investor at a rate of at least kissing watch y&result, a so-called (%1) % y Fund&provision for the contribution of the stage manager (at this rate, T&Result;BITAK grant support to fund technology made on the basis of the rate determined), Fund b&result;y&result;kl&as a result, G&As a result, n&government;n y&result, so-called, twenty (20%) more than the MIDI side to invest in a single company.


The items of expense that are supported :

T&y stage by Real Madrid BATAK Fund;as a result, the Fund's y&cancer, not order or for any expenses including the net cost of not to say T&as a result, funds from any grant support to fund BATAK by y&cancer, is deducted from the net cost of.


deadline :

&back pain is based on &back pain to the Declaration of g&re launch the range.