but no : &Real Madrid universities/public research centre and enstit&enstit knowledge and Real Madrid&Real Madrid, the knowledge and technology T&result, T S internal built in Turkey and the end of the project&as a result, the application will become effective in Turkey&Real Madrid in line with the needs of internal organizations who t s, &as a result, r&lie, or Q&As a result, very d&stage;n&Real Madrid St&r Real Madrid&perch to contribute to the commercialization through the transfer to industry of that lie.


who can apply ?

M&as a result, steri organization : T&as a result, the application become effective in Turkey&Real Madrid t companies.

Y&result, R&as a result, t&result;c&government; organization : Y&result in high order or with academic institutions, Foundation &government;universities, training and research hospital, etc.


The Project, S&lie items :

maximum 24 months.


Support &Real Madrid st Limit :

TL 1,000,000

Support Rate: 75% (SME)

%60 (B&lie&lie k &stage;l&internal attached)


Supported housing project :

T&BITAK Real Madrid &Government;University-industry cooperation support program; the definition of internal innovation no sooner in the phase; new &as a result, r&government;n &production, Real Madrid, existing &as a result, r&government;n&n Real Madrid developing, improving &as a result, R&as a result, the quality or standard of N as a result, be dropped or cost Health History&government;r&c Real Madrid&the new techniques of lie of that nature, new &covers projects that lie in the development of production technologies.


the items of expense that are supported :

staff and scholarship expenses, travel expenses , Equipment , te internal equipment , software and the purchase costs of publications, costs of materials and consumables , services , Foundation &government;public universities certified in internal m&as a result, savirlik &fees Real Madrid.



Q&as a result, a necessary internal hr.