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who can apply?

&Real Madrid universities , public R & D units, in order to or private organizations, or a consortium of these.


The Project, S&lie items :

maximum of 48 months.


Project B&as a result, t&spouse internal :

B&government;no e t &limits St s Real Madrid no pain &that lie is determined in reci &back pain and the scope of the topic to g&re ordering or changing. The staff ( y&result, R&as a result, t&result;c&lie , researcher, consultant , scholarship), machine-te no Equipment,Supplies , and travel expenses supported by 100%. Or private organizations in order to, the serial &government;that machine can be used for production purposes-te internal service requests to a maximum of 40% is supported by. In addition , the project B&as a result, t&inspiration for more than 10% of MIDI-u in the ratio of the stock of the institution and 20% technology, % D, memek internal &zere Real Madrid and gains information of S&B that lie reklilig&government;internal t is given to the wife.


the supported project subjects :

zübeyde valuable research and treatment of the problems identified by public agencies;m&lie what you and/or your need for treatment, it has been designated Y and no lara &back pain &government;universities and public R &D units or private organizations and order knowledge, trained human G&As a result, c&government; using facilities and infrastructure offered by R & D projects supported. 1007 is supported by two research projects presented in the Programme Support Group. Kamag-public research support group , SAVTAG – defense and G&As a result, security technologies research support group


expenses to be supported :

The machine – Te&internal purchases service, supplies, service procurement , travel expenses.


deadline :

&back pain is based on. &Back pain ads for g&re launch the range.